Welcome to IAM!

AM assists people with speech and learning problems due to the disability of aphasia caused by a stroke or other brain injury. We provide no-charge speech and language therapy, resources and community in supportive group settings to anyone with aphasia.


Create art to express what aphasia means to you!
All aphasia survivors can participate
Aphasia co-survivors can participate with their partner survivors
You can use any medium and
submit as many pieces as you want
or anything else!

There is no need to send your original art work
You will send photos of your completed works
to be displayed in an online gallery
that will open in Spring 2022

There is no fee to participate

If you are interested
submit your art work
by January 24, 2024
For more information, contact Ivy Huang
301 590-5665

Link to a Google Presentation about the project

For more information about the sponsoring program


IAM groups are now meeting on Zoom. To see our meeting times and physical locations, Click Here

IAM has been helping aphasia survivors and co-survivors with support and free small group language therapy since 2005. It is a nonprofit organization that was founded and is led by aphasia survivors and co-survivors.

IAM Can Help You!

Many people believe that once you reach three or six months of therapy you are not likely to improve.

We know this is not true. Even those with the most severe aphasia can continue to improve.

At our programs, people improve their ability to communicate, gain more confidence and self-esteem, and learn skills that help them return to work or gain greater independence.

All sessions are provided or supervised by licensed speech language pathologists.


Support our programs with a donation.
We accept credit cards, Paypal and Venmo.


AM welcomes volunteer licensed speech language pathologists and graduate student clinicians. We may also be able to use volunteers with other skills. For more information, contact carlota.iamphasia@gmail.com

Video by Harvey Alter, aphasia survivor and co-founder of IAM.

Our Stories

“Coming here has helped me understand. I have improved tremendously because I have to think here all the time…. I’ve learned to express myself again.”

Thelma H.

“…. I couldn’t speak at all in the beginning. The greatest success has been that now I can.” 

Bob B.

“What drew me to your organization was I found myself with a group of people that knew my problems and that was a great relief.”

Greg B.