Practice Videos

IAM Practice Videos

Below are practice videos made by IAM volunteers. They are best for people with moderate aphasia. If you want to go to our YouTube channel, Go to

Video 1
Words and basic phrases
Video 2
Common phrases, favorite activities, wh- questions,
on the bus, supermarket
Video 3
Basic phrases, coffee shop, calling the doctor’s office
Video 4
Introductions, getting acquainted, bank, supermarket
Video 5
Lottery dreams, common phrases, pharmacy, post office
Video 6
Movies, common phrases, dry cleaner, hair salon

Video 7
Music, common phrases, taxi, internet company
Video 8
Seasons, every day phrases, taxi, pharmacy
Video 9
Fall activities, conversational phrases,
voting station, grocery store

Video 10
Speech sounds,
conversational phrases

Video 11
Introductions, Restaurant, subway station library
Video 12
Common phrases,
Coffee shop, clothing store
Video 13
Coffee shop, clothing store
Video 14
New Year’s Eve, shoe store
Video 15
Counting, Travel,
wh- questions, deli, bank
Video 16
Spring, counting, movies, deli
Video 17
Childhood, counting, airport, restaurant
Video 18
Hobbies, counting,
doctor’s office, garden center